Saturday, December 21, 2019

A New Bedtime Story for Spring!

         Today, December 21st, the winter solstice arrives in the Northern Hemisphere, the shortest day and the longest night of the year, a time to enjoy winter evenings inside, reading special books to loved ones at bedtime.

       I'm happy to share this new book coming next April, one that will be needed in spring with daylight lingering, making it harder and harder for those young ones
                                                                                                   to go

I'm reminded of the poem, "Bed in Summer" by Robert Louis Stevenson. Here's the first verse:

In winter I get up at night 
And dress by yellow candle-light. 
In summer, quite the other way, 
I have to go to bed by day. 

The rest is here!

            This book from Clever Publishing gives a new look at bedtime as Bianca Schulze, in her debut picture book, tells the story of a rascally dragon that just will not go to sleep. It's an interactive book that follows the dragon page by page. Shh! Be very quiet, you might wake it up! Then turn the page, oh no! The breeze blew the door shut with a BANG! Did that rascal wake up again? You'll have to get the book to discover what happens next, and next!

             This is only a preview, but I already can see that Samara Hard's illustrations are going to be wonderfully bright and colorful for young readers.

Pre-order links are here:

Bianca Schulze is the founder and editor of The Children's Books Review - a resource devoted to children's literature and literacy. Bianca is also the bestselling author of 101 Books to Read Before You Grow Up, an Amazon "Book of the Month" in 2016. She is a reader, reviewer, mother, and children's book lover. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Bianca now lives with her husband and three children near Boulder, Colorado. 

Clever Publishing's site can be found here!

             Bianca has shared a fun dot-to-dot for us to print, a reminder about this new book on its way: Don't Wake The Dragon!

             Congratulations, Bianca! I'm looking forward to reading your first picture book!

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