Thursday, August 26, 2021

#MustReadin2021 Update - 3rd Quarter

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Thanks for hosting this time, Cheriee!

            I used to have many books on my lists and rarely finished them. This year I chose twelve books, one to read each month. And I'm on track! I have read eight books with four to go, each one worth considering if you haven't already read it!

            I'm so impressed with Cheriee's post. She keeps track of varying lists, not only chapter books! Be sure that you read her post, along with others who share, to add many, many books you MUST READ!

        I own all twelve books in this collage below, some I bought, some I won early in the year. I don't know why I've skipped by them, am sure I will love each one! That's the way 2020 seemed to go, aimless scattered reading, sometimes reading three or more books at once, not always finishing them. But it is my goal to read these this year, maybe one a month, maybe more? Here we are into a new time, one in which I want to be sure I read more books from diverse authors, one I want to be sure I pick up a book that someone recommends, and one I choose that just seems to fit my life right then. 

               Remember I work at a used bookstore with co-workers and customers also recommending their recent "great reads". My list grows longer there, too, in addition to reading all your posts, and ones on Monday with the #IMWAYR group, on twitter, etc. It's a pleasure that I won't whine about. How could we ever tire of learning about good books?

   I've completed 212 books so far this year. You can find all the books on Goodreads!

Happy Reading Everyone!

Books Finished:

With The Fire on High - Elizabeth Acevedo

Clap When You Land - Elizabeth Acevedo

Echo Mountain - Lauren Wolk

The Black Friend - Frederick Joseph

Prairie Lotus - Linda Sue Park

We Dream of Space - Erin Entrada Kelly

Coop Knows The Scoop - Taryn Souders

Superman Smashes the Klan - Gene Luen Yang


  1. Two of my favorites are on your list - Echo Mountain and Prairie Lotus. I liked some of the others two, but historical fiction always ranks high on my list. Like yours, my to-read list is always growing!

  2. There are some awesome books on your list. Three are new to me - Doodleville, Coop Knows the Scoop and The Captive Kingdom. I love finding out about good books. :)

  3. I enjoyed the books on your list that I have read. Some, if they are not already there, will be added to my list.


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