Thursday, December 16, 2021

Poetry Friday - Swap Pleasures


What a special thing that Jone Rush MacCulloch is hosting Poetry Friday HERE today because she had my name for the Winter Poetry Swap. The swap was first started by Tabatha Yeatts but this year coordinated by Laura Shovan. Thanks, Tabatha and Laura! Today Jone shows her expertise with golden shovels and reminds about her poetry postcard exchange. Be sure to check out her post along with all the others this Friday!
       And a huge thanks to Jone for all the spectacular poems and gifts she sent to me. I am about to start a new year, like all of you. Jone set me up perfectly for 2022!

        A lovely note came on the back of this wonderful original collage where Jone shares a found poem. 

 "Lessons from Georgia O'Keefe"

Great artists
observe the world
Watching the light
out the window
The full pale moon
Early morning
Lavender sky, purple hills
the feeling of space
Daily rituals-
rise with the fun
take an early walk
Don't sweat mistakes
something will come
Stay with it
Be yourself
Carve your own path
                      Jone Rush MacCulloch ©


     Then, more bounty: a new journal, a pack of fineliner pens, a framed poem/collage, and a bird ornament, with the beginning words of "I heard the bells on Christmas day. . ."

                              You will be able to enlarge if you click on the photo!


The Mystery

How did Jone know
that I love to see
numerous birds sitting
on my Christmas tree?
To her, I say thank you
for the serendipity.

Linda Baie ©

Happy Holidays, Everyone!  


  1. Wow! I have so enjoyed seeing Jone's growth as a visual artist...these are spectacular! Someday, I aim to spend time with her and some paint and paper and glue and fine marker pens. You come too? Of course! The way she uses old letters for a moon is one of my faves. Great swap!

    1. Yes, one day we shall creat together. Thank you.

  2. What a treasure trove, Linda! I love her poetic advice to stay with it/ be yourself/ carve your own path. And yes, how did she know you love birds in your Christmas tree??

  3. Serendipity indeed, Linda! So. Much. Goodness. :)

  4. What special treasures!! Jone's collages are so cool. :)

  5. Jone's poem is so lovely and good advice for all of us. Have a wonderful Christmas, Linda!

  6. Linda, I love how you whipped up a response to my little bird on the tree. Thanks for sharing how it looks on the tree. And thank you again for all the poetry goodness you sent my way and for highlighting what I sent you. Winter Poetry Swap is always so fun.

  7. I enjoyed seeing all the treasures from your winter gift swap, Linda. Jone is creative and now it shows again as she moves into visual design. I hope you are relaxing. I must return to decorating my tree because we are having guests this weekend.

  8. Thanks, everyone! It is a holiday pleasure to give and receive for poetry swap! Wishing you all a terrific holiday however you celebrate!

  9. It's always so fun to see how poets tailor both poem and gifts to perfectly fit the recipient!

    1. Yes, amazing fits! Thanks, Mary Lee. Have a lovely holiday!

  10. So much goodness here.

    Happy holidays indeed!

  11. Such a gorgeous poem swap gift exchange from Jone, and I especially love the Georgia O'Keefe collaged-surrealist image and poem. Lovely poem back to Jone also, enjoy all Linda!

  12. Thanks, Susan & Michelle! Yes, the poetry swap is always a lovely surprise, especially in December!

  13. Oh, lucky you, Linda! Jone the Generous strikes again, and you are surrounded by texture, color and words. May it inspire you!

  14. Oh, my goodness what a fun package to receive in the mail! Jone's work is lovely and your thank-you poem is a delight. :)❤️

  15. Just seeing this Linda, what wonderful gifts from Jone. Such treasure here. Lovely, thoughtful, creative things. Perfect and kind.
    Janet F.


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