Monday, April 11, 2022

April - Poetry Month - Day Eleven - In Defense

   It's April, Poetry Month, Day Eleven!

        The bookmark, on top of the picture above, came into the bookstore at the end of March. Often people do donate books and leave 'treasures' in them. This time, it became my own treasure and I knew what I would do for April's poetry, write about found treasures, perhaps find new places to look? Happy April!

Plus! Check each day for the added line to the Progressive Poem, created by Irene Latham, now hosted by Margaret Simon! The link is to the right!  

In Defense


do not decry as lowly weeds

I beg to differ, take a look

their sunshine brings a spring-like vive

preparing food for the honeybee hive

and when they’re ready for goodbyes

they fill all happy children’s needs

to blow and blow away the seeds

then like parachutes rise away

to begin again another day


Linda Baie ©



  1. I love your 'defensive' poem, Linda. Dandelion puffs bring joy to many children. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes! It really is a big deal, wishing everyone would let them go for the bees! Thanks!


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