Thursday, April 14, 2022

April - Poetry Month - Day Fifteen - Poetry Friday - Where Am I?


           Poetry Friday is hosted this Friday by Matt Forrest Esenwine at his blog Radio, Rhythm, & Rhythm. Be sure to visit to read his special interview with Leslie Bulion. featuring her new book Serengeti, illustrated by Becca Stadtlander. I am looking forward to this book about this magical, intriguing place! Thanks for hosting, Matt!

        The bookmark, on top of the picture above, came into the bookstore at the end of March. Often people do donate books and leave 'treasures' in them. This time, it became my own treasure and I knew what I would do for April's poetry, write about found treasures, perhaps find new places to look? Happy April!

Plus! Check each day for the added line to the Progressive Poem, created by Irene Latham, now hosted by Margaret Simon! The link is to the right!  

        For this poem, I've been doing some research and some camera micro-shots. I am amazed at the view and my imagination took off! Don't look at the end until you read!

Where Am I?


I took the magic antidote

that made me quite a mite.

I sneaked into the forest

and saw to my delight

some things I had imagined

when looking from on high.

There wandering on a pathway  

was an elvish passerby.


I gave a tiny wave to him,

hoped intruding wasn’t wrong.

He nodded, smiled, and whispered

“Why don’t you tag along?”

We met a horny beetle

who winked as it walked by.

Its shimmer lit the world around,

so bright I shut my eyes.


My new friend elf just chuckled

and pushed through the forest brush.

I tiptoed right behind him.

‘Twas then he called to hush.

A creature he called ‘water bear’

was rumbling for a bite.

The elf and I crept slowly by.

We did not want to fight.


We escaped to a tree trunk’s hollow

where elf’s family sat in wait,

a mother and a young one

ready with their plates.

I was welcomed to the feast

yet I wished to travel more.

I called goodbye, said I’ll return, 

and ambled like before.


I’d seen the tiny tardigrades.

They call them ‘water bears’.

The time was nearly up for me

to return to my human lair.

So if you want a micro pill

for an imaginary time

to set the stage to wander.

just squeak a tiny rhyme.


Linda Baie ©

Part of this moss on my patio is what I enlarged.

If you wish, you can read about tardigrades HERE! 




  1. Thank you for taking us along on your magical micro-journey! I'm going to keep my eyes open for elf friends in MY garden! So. Much. Fun.

    1. Thanks, Mary Lee. I've had some fascinating reads about those 'water bears'!

  2. I was wondering what that was, Linda - nice way to keep us guessing, with such creative imagery!

  3. Wow, never heard of tardigrades before. Your poem is both charming and informative. Water bears (Cornelius likes them too)! Thanks for the fascinating, magical post, Linda!

  4. Wow! Very cool that you dropped into the world of The Borrowers! Thanks for taking us along!

  5. What a wonderful wee adventure twas definitely a found treasure, thanks for the micro explore and minute tardigrade too Linda!

  6. Linda: Thank you for this! Truth can certainly be stranger than fiction, right? I now have a new challenge for my grandkids... what is a tardigrade? Happy Easter!

  7. Holey moley! What an adventure! You captured me with your magical tale and then to find out this was inspired by an extreme close up of MOSS??? How cool is that! Well done, you!

  8. Linda, what a very fun poem you created from that zoomed in adventure the elf took you on. That water bear is crazy amazing. Thanks for taking the time to share this and your fun-filled poem.

  9. Wow, Linda, your imagination took off. Photos are good prompts and your found a whole world in just one flick of the camera. The area between the stone patio took us on a magical mystery tour until we found a tardigrade. I never heard of this tiny animal. It surely looks like a creature from the deep lagoon. Many thanks for the new word and the fun journey to dream about now.

  10. What an adventure ... all from inspiration that it is so easy to overlook - how often do we step on or over moss, without giving it a thought? Thanks for sharing your photos and poem with us.

  11. It's so fun to imagine how things look from a completely different perspective! Love this!

  12. You made the 'moss' out of your imagination, Linda! I'm 'lichen' it. ;)

  13. I'll never look at our moss the same way! So cool! Now to get down on my hands and needs with a magnifying glass. The neighbors will think I'm crazy! :-) -- Christie @


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