Thursday, September 8, 2022

It's Poetry Friday - Mail Call


  Poetry Friday is with Carol Varsalon, HERE at Beyond Literacy Link, as she says goodbye to summer.  Thanks for hosting, Carol.  

           In my mail, any one day, I receive many requests for help. I do donate to some organizations but all online. It hurts my heart to read of so many needs in our world, crisis after crisis. I gathered some words, brief and true, for a found poem this week. I imagine each of you receives at least some of the pleas. 

Emergency Request

a crisis without choice
increasing. . .
help makes a difference

Linda Baie ©


  1. Linda, I think it is clever how you created a found poem from what many may call junk mail. Emergency requests are coming in to my mailbox too. A crisis without choice is a strong statement. It is a sad state of affairs juxtaposed against the regal passing of the beloved Queen Elizabeth. Have a sunny day of peace.

  2. Oh, Linda, I felt that one in my gut. The pleas can indeed be overwhelming. But yes, help, even the littlest bit, makes a difference.

  3. ...and so many crises, too. Help and poetry - make a difference! Help for the hurting; poetry for the empath. Hope for all?

  4. It's difficult to read so many emergency requests, all worthy. Making a found poem was a good idea, Linda.

  5. Clever found poem. The appeal for help can be overwhelming, whether by snail mail or email. We all try to do what we can, and part of the anxiety is deciding which causes resonate the most with each of us. Gun violence? Yes. Ukraine aid? Yes. Abortion rights? Yes. Not to mention political solicitations . . .

    1. Forgot to sign in, previous comment mine, Jama. :)

  6. This hits home. I am baffled at the amount of paper and postage purchased to ask for more money. Sometimes, I only want to give once...but boy, that isn't the end of it for the organization which seems to outspend my donation on pleas for more. I still give. But, I'd much rather give locally to an organization that won't hit me with mailings, calls or e-mails. Great idea for a poem!

  7. A brilliant found poem.I too am barraged by pleas.

  8. Such wise and accessible words "help makes a difference," and what a good idea to pull a poem from all the requests we get– I may borrow this idea, thanks Linda!

  9. Exactly what Linda M. said. They should hire you to increase their brevity and their emotional punch!

  10. Thankful for people like you who light this world with open hearts. (Clever way to find a poem.)

  11. Thanks to everyone! The mail has not stopped, sad to say. I have contacted some to take my name off their list but it is not easy.


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