Thursday, September 29, 2022

Poetry Friday - For the @PoetryPals and Heidi


         Poetry Friday is with Tabatha Yeatts-Lonske, HERE at her website, The Opposite of Indifference, sharing some "meme" laughs and a sweet poem about missing cats. You'll understand when you read her post!  Thanks for hosting, Tabatha!
              Best wishes to anyone who has been touched by Hurricane Ian or is waiting to see what it will do next. I am so sorry for all the devastation I am seeing.

          The Poetry Princesses gave their end-of-month prompt at the end of August. I found it at the end of Laura Purdie Salas' post. She wrote: "Want to write with us next month? Write a definito poem, a cool form that I first learned about from Heidi Mordhorst, and post on September 26 on your blog and/or on social media with #PoetryPals!" Heidi introduces her creation here!
          I've known about it but somehow I have never tried one. Now I have! For this challenge, I've been messing with words for a couple of weeks, at least. I struggled to choose. Then I thought of my favorite kind of words, those that are exactly the same but differ in meaning, homonyms. This time, I wonder if each one does differ when researching it. Can there be a connection? 
            (Side note: There is a third definition of "bark", less-used, usually spelled "barque". Do you recognize it now?)

  I live in an old neighborhood, looked out
all my windows, and counted 26 trees that I 
could see.  Their bark fascinates me every
time I pass by when out walking. Here are four.
The dog picture
was found on Wikimedia Commons,
titled "dog barking".



     Protecting trees and you!

They keep insides safe,

the cambium where trees thrive.

the homes where children flourish.

furry or smooth, patchy or rough. 


One offers a forest’s fashion line;

another a family’s canine kin,



From insects and interlopers,

to fire and strangers:

the ‘bark’ of a tree,

the ‘bark’ of a dog,


both safety warriors.




Linda Baie ©



  1. How clever! I love how you show rather than tell in this definito. Protectors, both. You make me want to up my definito game :)

  2. Both protectors, how about that! Thank you, Linda, and I love that you can see 26 trees. xo

  3. I love the idea of bark as a protector, "safety warriors" in more than one way. It's always interesting to me to explore different takes on one word. Good work.

  4. So clever, and apt for the season since we'll all be looking closer at trees. Esp. like "forest's fashion line." Love the comparison to dogs, too -- yes, both protectors and safety warriors. Nice job!

  5. I love the idea of words that share...makes me wonder if trees and dogs enjoy this connection?

  6. You've produced a new version of definito -- the duo-definitos that defines homonyms! Love it! And I love the shaggy/smooth feel of both bark and dog pelt being the same protectors. This is neat.

  7. SO cool to manage to define both, distinguish between the two meaning, and yet also highlight what they have in common. Excellent!

  8. Oh Linda, I love this! You had me at "cambium," and that last line is stellar. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Thanks to everyone, and sorry for not reading many of your posts yet. I'm in the middle of migrating to a new laptop! It will be great to have but it's take a lot of time to be sure I'm getting all the files! I'll get to you soon as possible!

  10. Linda, your definito poem is a creative endeavor with the homonyms bark and bark.I always perk up when I read about fashion, a thought you added with flare. I love the idea that both barks are protectors and safety warriors. All the definitos shown at PF are unique and different. It is wonderful to be able to see what others write to get their point across.

  11. Fantastic poem Linda, I love the different layers of bark embedded in it, and your
    "a forest’s fashion line; – how vividly I picture this line…
    another a family’s canine kin,"
    I think trees and canine's would be happy with your poem too, thanks!

  12. I love the idea of tackling homonyms in a definito. I just may need to try this. This is a great example of the form.

  13. Safety warriors! Cool connection. I have been trying to learn tree identification this year. Leaves are easier to use than bark, for the most part! "Forest's fashion line" has its own mysteries.

  14. I love so much about this poem, Linda, especially "a forest’s fashion line," "insects and interlopers" and "safety warriors." Terrific!

  15. I would never have thought of the protector connection — so clever! Thanks, Linda!

  16. You are barking up the RIGHT tree, Linda! Smidgey appreciates the inclusion of canines. (Barking is her superpower. ;)

  17. Your poem had me looking up "cambium", Linda. Thanks for the new vocab. I love thinking of BARK as a double safety warrior.


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