Thursday, September 22, 2022

Poetry Friday - A New Poet!


"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."

         Poetry Friday is with Rose Cappelli, HERE at her website, Imagine The Possibilities. She, too, shares a post connecting to grandchildren. Thanks for hosting, Rose!

             Like other grandparents, I have shared a lot about my three grandchildren through the years, and feel blessed that I have them. My son and daughter-in-law's child, Carter, soon will be a college grad. My daughter and son-in-law's children are Ingrid, thirteen, and Imogene, eleven. And like others, I could go on and on about each one's lives that I've been lucky to be a part of.
             This week, Ingrid shared a poem with me and I have her permission to share it. She attends a charter school of the arts in Denver, is now in eighth grade. Her major is Video Cinema Arts. Recently, her language arts class has been reading and writing poetry and she shared a few with me. Ingrid told me that this particular poem is called a "catalog" poem. I would add that she's also a pitcher on a softball team. She is a busy young woman with a passion for many things! Here's a pic of her this past summer on a league team, although now she's on a school team, still pitching! 

Still To This Day


A poem by Ingrid Krahling ©


Still to this day I enjoy scooping the walk

Piercing frigid weather

A coat of flakes on the pavement

Grasping your shovel

Mittens on


Still to this day I take those hikes 

Crisp air

Pine needles 

The roots of the sagacious trees born before you 

Delving into the dirt along the trail

Never wanting to look away


Still to this day I serve that ball

Lifting that Racket 

Blinding sun

Desperate for hydration 


Still to this day I board that lift

Purposely riding 


The glacial bitter surroundings

And the same two sticks

Below the arch of my foot


Still to this day I go to the beach

Extensive ocean

Afraid of the fish

Saltwater swallowed 

Hair frizzed and curled 

Adjusting to the humid air 


Still to this day, I bike as I did then

Sweat inside my helmet although I don’t take it off

My legs burned out, knowing that it’ll pay off


Still to this day

I am myself


  1. Love all the action verbs in Ingrid's poem, her descriptions so succinctly put, and the first stanza really grabs our attention and prompts us on. Thanks Linda and Ingrid for sharing your poem!

  2. Wow!!! Such an awesome poem. Love the repetition of "still to this day" leading up to the perfect ending, "I am myself." All the details and images in each stanza are so well chosen. Thanks, Ingrid and Linda for sharing. :)

  3. I love that Ingrid is aware of all the wonderful things she can do and doesn't take them for granted. How wonderful to have grandchildren to share poetry with! Happy Fall, Linda.

  4. Linda, please compliment Ingrid for her poetry writing that offers many descriptive stanzas. Her thoughts at the end share her awareness of who she is. This is a very positive poem. I wonder if she would like to add her poem and photo to my Poetryliscious Padlet.

  5. This is fabulous, Linda (and Ingrid). I see poetry talent and love runs in this family. That line "Never wanting to look away" is so beautiful, and it also seems to capture Ingrid's approach to life, which I love. Keep the wonder!

  6. Thanks to all. I will be sure that Ingrid reads your lovely comments & reply to you, Carol! Have a great weekend!

  7. What a wonderful poem, Ingrid. The repetition is perfect and keeps the poem advancing forward with all the glimpses of a life being well lived. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Oops! Sorry, that’s me above.

  9. I love the repeated line in this poem, Linda. She seems to be a passionate young lady. To me, the last stanza "Still to this day, I am myself" is the best. It is so very important to know one's self and be one's self! It seems your granddaughter has learned this at a young age. Thank you for sharing! ~ Carol Labuzzetta ~

  10. Wow! What a wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  11. Oh, my goodness--and this grandchild shares a love of poetry. Well done, you! I know that it's not by accident or chance that this child is artistic. Thank goodness she has a place where it can be nurtured. Her use of repetition is wonderful! I love how she describes her world of then and now.

  12. Such vivid descriptions, Ingrid. I felt myself transported to each place in your catalog poem. What a treat for you and your grandmother to share this love of poetry. I salute both of you.

  13. Please offer my kudos to Ingrid. Love the catalog form and the wonderful images her poem conjures.

  14. Thanks again for your special comments. Ingrid has been on a school trip, so I'll be sure she reads them all!

  15. A new poet indeed, Linda. Ingrid's poem is full of action and imagery. The refrain gently delivers each new place and its associated action. The structure of the poem is further strengthened by the poet's word use. Best words used in tight spaces delivers the necessary energy a poem needs. A new generation poet rises up!

  16. What a special piece to share - Yay to a new poet! We can never have enough poets or poetry.

  17. Keep writing, Ingrid. It is something you always take with you. And it’s something that helps you catalog your world and make sense of what you see, hear and feel as nothing else will do. And it may even help someone else understand something inside of their own soul that they didn’t understand before or that they can see in a new way. Thank you for sharing your poem today.

    1. Sorry! I’m the anonymous above. It didn’t put my name there. Donna JT Smith

  18. Brava, Ingrid! She has a bright and poetic future ahead of her. Beautiful.

  19. from Ingrid: "I love all the fabulous comments that were put onto the post. Please tell everyone that I am so grateful for all the lovely comments on my poem!"


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