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It's Monday - More Special Books to Share!




            Visit Kellee and Ricki at UnleashingReaders and Jen at Teach Mentor Texts to see what they and others have been reading! Your TBR lists will grow! 

          Whew! Busier at the bookstore last week than most weeks, training new volunteers (remember we are all-volunteer-run), working with donations, plus more needed paperwork. And, I have a new laptop and I imagine you all know how much time that takes to get the transfer just right! I'm not griping, just too busy to do much reading. The weather has been marvelous so that takes me outside more than usual! I hope you've all had a good week and wishing you one ahead, too

       Of course, it's a must-read, this third of Meg Medina's trilogy about Merci. As one of my own granddaughters is an eighth grader, too, I loved this peek into this eighth grader's thoughts. It is a poignant ending with Merci and her friends, her wonderfully supportive, and wise, family, wrapped around the dilemmas facing someone who wants to do well, be one of "that group", but do the right thing, too. She really is growing up!
Thanks to Candlewick Press for the advance copy!

            In rhyming text by Irene Latham and Charles Waters with colorful illustrations for every 'bridge-building' idea by Nabila Adani, a child (or a class) can learn about bridge-building in all kinds of ways. They can say "hello" to someone new, offer to share an activity with someone who looks like they'd like to join in and stand up to someone who's saying something mean about another's dress or different way of acting. Connecting to another in caring ways is a good thing to do. Charles and Irene have created a book that will help teachers share with their classes or kids to read and discover their own special ways to "Be A Bridge". 
There is a note from the authors, a list of activities, more book ideas, and a "Bridge Builder Pledge" at the back. Be sure to find this book!

       A book for everyone who's ever wanted a dog or adopted one, a book that animal shelters will love, too! Henry Cole has written another great book, this time about a young boy who wants a dog yet he struggles doing chores like keeping his room clean. His dads are unsure he can take on the extra, and large responsibility of taking care of a dog. Wait till you see what that boy does to show them he can! And be sure to take lots of time to notice all the details of people, animals, and places Cole includes in this marvelous wordless picture book. There's a backstory, too, which Cole adds at the end. It's terrific!

          Liz Garton Scanlon (remember All The World?) has written about another world, one that Frances, who lives in the city, loves. She's an active young woman and can't find too many ways in the city to run, jump, and climb. Written in a rhythm that feels just right for active Frances, with the entertaining collaged art by Sean Qualls, this is a city versus country book but wait, Frances' family missed her bounce and Frances is also happy to be home again. Visiting her cousins in the wide-open countryside was special, and they will be visiting Frances in the city so she can show them the good things there. It's a fun book to discover the appealing parts of different places. 
        Aw, this is the sweetest book, supportive of all the "patches" you might have as you grow, and of those that stick later. Matt de la Peña and Corinna Luyken collaborate with this song of celebrating all that a person is from young to grown. We are all beautiful! 

           Well, not everyone loves fishing, except when there's a surprise or two. This book by Ariel Bernstein will make a perfect read-aloud for those who sometimes feel like a 'left-out' kid in a group. Bear, Porcupine, and Otter decide it's a perfect day to go fishing. They are excited as you see from the cover. They love fishing but the fourth friend, Squirrel, does not. With a few words and Marc Rosenthal's hilarious and expressive illustrations, the book entertains but also shows the mixed feelings of wanting to be a friend yet it's hard when the day fills with an activity that isn't fun. Bernstein's clever story shows how hard feelings can turn around with thoughtful friends.    

Next: I have several books that are often shared as terrific: Ghostlight by Kenneth Oppel, The Ogress and the Orphans by Kelly Barnhill, Two Degrees by Alan Gratz, The Life and Crimes of Hoodie Rosen by Isaac Blum, and Jennifer Chan is Not Alone by Tae Keller. Life is good until I have to choose! Do you have a favorite?

Happy Reading!


  1. Looking forward to the newest book about Merci! I recently got Be a Bridge - it just arrived in my First Book order - and I picked up Patchwork at the library a couple of days ago. They look great so I'm sure I'll enjoy them when I read them this week.

    1. Thanks, Lisa, hope you enjoy them. Both good for feelings!

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful reading week! So many books that are calling my name! Oh, I can’t wait to read Patchwork! de la Peña’s writing and Luyken’s art are stunning. I love their work. (Amy @mothergooselibrarian).

  3. So many wonderful books this week Linda! i am a Henry Cole fan so I'm specially excited that Forever Home is available at my local library! Since I have been away from #IMWAYR for the past few weeks, I went to check out your Goodreads list to see what I had missed. I noted that you have read some books I loved, and some I have missed. I added the latter to my never ending list.

  4. Thanks, Amy and Cheriee. Patchwork, and all the others, is wonderful. Biggest problem is there are so many books available to us, thanks to authors and illustrators!


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