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Poetry Friday - For Moms and Memories


created by Linda Mitchell

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           Almost Mother's Day, I'm honoring those in my life: my mother, my grandmothers (I had three!), aunts and great-aunts, sister-in-law, daughter, daughter-in-law, many, many friends who gave me support as a mother, and as a woman. In the recent weeks, two of my longtime woman friends have passed. I am so sad to say goodbye, but grateful that we were special friends in different parts of our lives, as mothers, as colleagues, as women. I know that this Mother's Day will be sad for their children and loving family, yet memories help us remember what wonderful mothers they were. Here's one evening in my mind from long ago. 

Mother bird protecting her young (Unsplash)
Ray Hennessy rayhennessy, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Evening Sounds Push Back Time 

                (Mother to Mother to Mother)


Dusk murmurs heard next door,

down the street,

across the park:

My neighbor crosses over the driveway

asking ‘how is Sarah getting along?’

(My daughter, due in two months.)

I tell ‘she’s fine, getting a little uncomfortable,

but feels good still.’


Then, I hear my grandmother, Sarah,

call, “Yoo hoo, Mrs. Judy, how are your tomatoes doing?

Mine are not looking so well this year.  Those bugs!”


Later, across the park, it’s “Come home, Charlie, come home.

It’s getting dark out,

time for bath,

time for bed,

time for stories.”



“Linda, Linda, are you up in that tree?  It’s really

too dark for you to be climbing still.  Come on in now.  Is that

Alice with you?  Alice May, you get on home now.  Your momma’ll

be worried to death.”


My husband clinks away the rake, the shovels.

The broom whispers across the porch, my hands

or my mother’s– final work today?


Mom, come in, come in to visit a while.

I hear you sweeping on the porch

at last light,

as I turn the pages of my book.

                                                     Linda Baie ©


  1. Lovely linking thoughts from one mother to another, calling after children, thinking about grands, and I like your sensitive circular ending with "I turn the pages of my book" as the mom's turn in our lives, thanks! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. All these conversations...they stay a part of us don't they? So many wonderful women in our lives that are mothers to us and others. Each stanza has me finding my own memories of someone similar. Thank you for sharing your precious ones with us...that sweeping of the porch at night(or at least I imagine it as night) is such a sweet exit from this poem...into the book and back to our selves.

    1. Just as I wrote Michelle, Linda, the memories stay and so often a word, a phrase brings them and others back! Thank you!

  3. Like how you linked generations with your poem. Though we miss our loved ones, it's a blessing when memories of them are triggered unexpectedly. More than picturing her face, the sound of my mother's voice is quite vivid to me. All those things she told me while growing up! And like you've shown, certain conversations come back. Happy Mother's Day, Linda.

    1. Thank you, Jama, yes, the memories return, like in voices, too!

  4. This is a beautiful connection of generations, Linda! I can just imagine your mother’s voice -- and you up in a tree after dark! : )

    1. Thanks, Tracey, I remember a lot of fun up in that tree!

  5. Such a gift - the voices of our mothers. Today one of my sisters and I took our 90 year old mom shopping in a wheelchair for the first time. And it was a delight to watch her enjoy looking and touching clothes in a department store. When we kissed her goodbye, she said: "Didn't we have fun, today?" I think I will hear her asking me this question for many years to come.

    1. Thank you, Patricia, I love reading about your special trip with your mom! What a gift of love you and your sister gave her!

  6. Thank you for capturing these powerful snippets of mothering love, Linda. Mamas make the world go round - literally. And as illustrated by your beautiful poem, forever. Happy Mother's Day to YOU! :)

  7. Lovely tribute to some very special women. Thank you for sharing it, Linda!

  8. This is beautiful, Linday. I am loving the interconnections between the women.

  9. Linda, I'm so sorry for your losses. ❤️ Your poem is exquisite. It reminded me of the nostalgic and lovely feeling I get from Ray Bradbury's DANDELION WINE, one of my favorite books.

  10. Thank you, Bridget, Rose, Jone, and Karen. I imagine each of you have your own connecting memories like this, too.

  11. Linda, I love the sweet memories you share, and it inspired my thoughts about warnings as I was climbing trees and many more of my own thoughts. Thank you for sharing, for as you honor mothers in your life, we are inspired to do the same in ours. Beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Denise. I know you're writing about your siblings, imagine that you hold these kinds of memories in your mind, too!


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