Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Winter's Return

Winter has been rather elusive here in Denver. The bits of moisture we have had are so rare that it’s a celebration of flakes when they do come, like last night. The mountains have experienced “mountains” of the white stuff, and hurrah for that because of the superb skiing and businesses supported by that sport. When you see that Colorado is having inches and inches of snow, it certainly isn’t happening in Denver. It’s such an interesting juxtaposition to be near an area where they brag about a seven foot base, ten inches of powder just today, and icy mountain passes. In the city, however, the students at school are often wearing shorts and flip-flops, and my winter coat hangs lonely in the closet. However, right now, snow is falling, the trees surely are enjoying the drink, and I get to wear my wooly sweater, enjoying this moist wintry day.


  1. Wasn't it lovely? And the snow looked like feathers. All the kids on our field trip today were catching snowflakes on their tongues as they went from the museum to the bus. I like the wooly sweater and the moist wintry day. Good words.

  2. shorts and flip flops in winter in Colorado. Wow. I never would of guessed.


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