Monday, March 7, 2011

MONDAY POETRY - SOLC - March 7, 2011

Today again the poetry group met, shared the words from poets we like, & shared the words we had written. Since this is just the 2nd time, all still are a little quiet, but as we heard poems others had chosen, & enjoyed the sharing, I could see them relax & just enjoy the process. In the group, I see myself as one who offers ideas, shows how things work, & brings new kinds of poems into their lives. Today I shared "Write About A Radish. . ." by Karla Kuskin, so simple & direct, the poet's admonition to write about a slice, as we are doing this month, to write, as the cliche goes, what you know. The poems shared today were broad in topic, clever, & very good. I am proud of the work being done. Here is my poem:
Metaphor for Housewife

Poetry washes me

like the strongest detergent;

keeps me clean, pure, bright.

Poetry irons my soul;

smoothes the wrinkles-

makes me starchy, witty.

Poetry scrubs my heart;

leaves me shiny, glistening;

I find it in the crevices of

The Maytag,

And celebrate its appearance

in my life.


  1. "keeps me clean, pure, bright"...that is the writing I like to read, too. Thanks for sharing a nice slice!

  2. I like how you conveyed the imagery of a washing machine and compared it to your life.

  3. Yes indeed it does! Poetry gets things down to the nubbins - as my grandma would say.

  4. Love your poem. I wish my brain even thought in poetry terms and phases.


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