Sunday, March 6, 2011


In the short while since we've been writing for Slice of Life, I am amazed how many references to writing I've noticed. Are they always there or am I just especially alert at this time? One of the books I'm currently reading is Half Broke Horses, a true life novel (memoir, but fictionalized), by Jeannette Walls. In it, Walls describes the father as a bit lazy at times. In one part, he starts to write a biography of Billy the Kid, whom he admires, & is neglecting all the chores that a ranch requires. He claims that this book will make more money than growing peaches, pecans, etc. "And besides, a writer's got no overhead and he never has to worry about the weather." The quote tickles me, how so many people think that writing is so easy. And profitable.


  1. I recently read this book with my book club. I really enjoyed it! You'll have to let me know what you think. One thing that struck me was the way the writer developed a sense of voice for her grandmother's character.

  2. I read “Glass Castle” a while ago. That first book pulled me in with such intensity that I have been waiting for an undistracted bit of time to appear before starting Half Broke Horses. I love the line you quote from the father!

  3. " many people think that writing is so easy. And profitable." Just like teaching only runs from 8-3:30. :)


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