Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Book To Notice

        "Twice each day
          a crack opens
          between night and day.
          Twice twilight
          slips through that crack."

          I don't often write about books.  There are many that I love, so each day I could tell of one, and I'd really rather focus on writing in different ways.  Also, there are many blogs about books out there in the blogosphere doing a great job telling about good books that add to my list of books to read and/or buy.  
         BUT-I have a goal to read at least one or two picture books a day from our school library, and if I enjoy them or see a particular use for them, I add them to an annotated list I keep.  AND-today I read a book I found on the shelf by Ralph Fletcher, whose professional books I read and use and recommend over and over.  The book is a picture book, Twilight Comes Twice, illustrated by Kate Kiesler, and is a beautiful example of personification.  It's just delightful to see what dawn does to an empty baseball field or how dusk prepares a table carefully for the night.  I have reworded some of Fletcher's words so I might entice you into finding and reading the entire book and his words that are so beautifully crafted.   The moments Fletcher imagines about the day and the night make us look at them each more carefully, something writers do, and something we would hope our students are doing.  Take a look!

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  1. I love this book! I use it as a station in writing centers, in between genre studies, when kids circulate between picture books with more glorious illustrations than text and free write off these visual "treats."


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