Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Driving

       Sunday drivers aren't what they used to be, out for leisurely drives to view the scenery or to have dinner at a friend's house.  Now they seem to be out as much as possible, racing about the city going to games, museums, restaurants or just doing the errands they didn't have time to do during the work week.
       I did a lot of driving today.  My son flew in for a few days' visit so first I drove to the airport.  He wanted to visit a local store that he has missed since his move, so we drove there and shopped.  Finally, we drove all the way across town to look for a particular coat for my grandson.  No luck there, and at last we went home.  I think I'm a good, calm driver, but I didn't always see so many other calm ones out there.  It was stressful to cross town on busy highways and streets, in traffic that seemed busier when I'm going to work during rush hour.  I might be wrong about how many, but it was so, so busy wherever we went.  I came home and wrote a poem about it.

Sunday Outing

Alas, I see them growling,
                      In formation and readying their attack!
                      My grip tightens
                      as I sense
the amber glow
each side—
allowing freedom.
My foot presses forward
and I dart across the plain,
eluding once more
the dreaded

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  1. This is a great read--you can almost feel the engines revving! Nice job capturing it!


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