Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Connections If You Look!

Tuesday Slice of Life is at Two Writing Teachers!

      I thought at first I would only write about my visit to see my son and daughter-in-law and grandson, but there happened to be more connections in this trip than just seeing them.  We had a wonderful long weekend and I had lots of time with my grandson, even played a little pitch and catch football with him as we've done since he was very young.  We saw many things that were both fun and interesting.   
       Perhaps it happens to lots of us, but the terrific thing that happened were the connections I made because I read your blogs.  So-thought I'd write a little poem about it all, and add in the photos, too.  

       I wonder how many connections students can make if we ask them to start looking?

Making connections serendipitously
is always a pleasure -
to me.

We traveled to Lubbock
first time on this plain, to
that Red Raider city of so little rain.

We visited my son and his wife and their boy
that grandson I speak of
so often with joy.

Now finally, at last, we are really here,
and seeing them in their new home
was simply great to be near.

Soccer games for my son
were cheered long ago.
Now it's football and kicking and whistles-great fun!

I ran to take this photo most
as this hydrant caught my eye,
recalling a student blogger's post. 

Tam's post about windmills
was great fun to read.
They were here too; wind is the feed.

We drove out of town to look for and find
fields and fields of cotton growing;
Elsie's post came to mind.

Write your stories and then you share them;
the connections sometimes grow.
Our visit held more than I imagined!


  1. With the exception of the student's post, I remember all of these slices! Isn't it wonderful how little pieces of the slicing community wend their way into our lives? I am usually not a big fan of rhyme, but the rhythm you created in your poem worked perfectly for the way you unveiled the details. So glad you had a wonderful visit- I especially love the detail about playing pitch and catch football. I imagine that was as fulfilling for your grandson as it was for you.

  2. What a great post, I loved all the connections you made. I can hear the love you have for your family. It rings with such joy. The photos add a terrific dimension. Thank you for sharing.

  3. This is a great mentor text to show students how to make meaningful connections. I am honored to have been a connection. Aren't cotton field interesting? Loved the poem and the photos that crystallized the mental images. Sounds like a great time.

  4. Photo-poetry, family-writing community, inside the head-away from home: I like how you have all these things combined into the post.

  5. Oh, very nice connections. A fun piece! So glad you had a nice visit too!

  6. Like Christy, I remembered the other stories too. I love the way stories connect us...even through cyberspace.

  7. Enjoyed your word choice and rhyme with your poems. Your pictures added spice. I love the connections. Great idea to use with kids.

  8. I love this Linda,
    what a cool idea to write a collaboratively inspired post with pics. Fantastic,

  9. Better than a blow-by-blow sharing - went deeper, said more, thoughtfully.


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