Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fun Visiting Family But Then We Say Goodbye

Poetry Friday this week is with Jama at Jama's Alphabet Soup

My grandson, in the season!

As some of you know, my son, daughter-in-law and oldest grandchild, a dear grandson, moved away this year.  We have seen them several times, and taken my grandson on an annual trip to the ocean, but still it’s not the same as having them five minutes away.  Today we’re traveling to see them for the first time in their new home.  I’m so excited to be there, to see their workplaces and school, where they work and where they play.  It will be a good trip. 

As I was reading some old journals, I found this poem that I wrote after this same son and daughter-in-law moved out after staying with us for a few months while a house was being built.  Although of course we were happy for them, but even then, the house seemed too empty.  Change is hard no matter what the good circumstances.

All the friends who carted cardboard boxes,
lines of clothes on plastic hangars,
dresser drawers, and the ones who grunted bearing
out the tables and the bed
the washer and the stove,
all are gone.
They took their pay of salami and cheese on rye,
tall bottles of Bud
and thanks very much we owe you big time!
My son walks through the empty garage
carrying the last bits, the cold stuff—
ketchup, mayo, mustard
two packs of juice, a lime.
He turns, leans to give me a kiss.
Thanks Mom flies at me and he leans
toward his wife, squeezes her shoulder,
says Let’s go.

I begin to sweep the garage, and make the floor


  1. Have a great weekend with them! Never having had my boys and their families really close by, I don't know how it feels to not have them around. But I do know how much fun it is to go and visit! Love the poem you found--those last lines are really lonely--love it

  2. I can picture sweeping the floor vigorously and thoroughly, after they leave. I hate the sad and the joy mixed together... but I guess it is better than just plain sad! Have a wonderful visit!

  3. It's that mere act of sweeping away the intermingled pain and the joy that brings a quiet sense of comfort and peace.

    Enjoy your time with family. :) *heart breaking a little bit but smiling too* :)

  4. As the others said, those last few lines really encapsulize the loneliness and sadness. Enjoy your visit this weekend!

  5. Beautiful poem - one I'll probably need to re-visit in a few years! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful visit.

  6. Letting go is really sharing, isn't it? -- the bitter-sweet contradiction that's so much a part of love.

  7. Not having children myself, this totally reminds me of my mother. I have been raised by her to clean away my worries! That ending is both hilarious and tragically sad all in one.


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