Saturday, October 15, 2011

Take My Hand

Here – take my hand.
Allow me to hug you,
warm you,
help you.
We can talk.
You seem so alone.

You hide at the wrong end
of binoculars-
so, so far away.
Will you return,
gain better sight of possibilities
or continue your retreat?

Please let me
hug you,
warm you,
help you. 
We’ll talk.

I miss you and
wish you would
come back.


  1. Perhaps this was inspiration from Deb and C. Rush? I absolutely love your words, the kindness in your voice, the depth of concern and caring.

    Thanks for grasping the words floating in the air.

  2. Beautiful--and it made me think of several of MY students. Love the line "You hide at the wrong end of the binoculars" The perfect words for what some kids do....

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Deb, you & Christy have inspired my thinking! Michelle, you are so right! How can we reach them? I sometimes am at a loss of what to do.

  4. That photos captures the mood of your words. I also like the phrase about hiding at the wrong end of the binoculars.

  5. Such warmth and compassion - all we really need in this world. Made my heart smile this evening.

  6. "the wrong end of the binoculars" Yeah, they are as physically close as anyone else, but they have put themselves at a such an emotional distance. It's tough being a teacher when our binoculars are facing the right way! Every hurt is so close to us we can feel it.


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