Friday, April 6, 2012

Poetry Friday in the Spring

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       I actually had most of this poem come to me yesterday morning, sitting at the computer very early in the dark.  If you are a morning person, you like this special time just before it's full sun.  
                     CHIRP, CHIRP
It’s dark, and the birds are chirping up the sun.

I hear their poems in the lilac bush
And know they must be in a rush
to start their day, and find the seeds
for breakfast that they need.

Chirp, chirp they sing, for now it’s spring
and orange is the sky.
They need to fly to find their food;
when finally day they’ll find a way,
then sit on eggs and wait and wait.

They have a date with parenthood.

Chirp chirp, I hear
says morning’s near;
I must rise and greet the sky
to do my own chirp chirping.

    As it's the first Poetry Friday of April, celebrate by checking on the Poetry Tag Group shown at the right!  And look at Jama Rattigan's blog post at Jama's Alphabet Soup  to discover so many Poetry sites in the kidlitosphere doing wonderful things!  Cathy, at Merely Day By Day, is joining Mary Lee, at A Year of Reading in a poem a day this month. Other daily poem writers include Amy at The Poem Farm, and Donna at Mainely Write.


  1. Love the line "the birds are chirping up the sun". It is like that, isn't it. Love hearing those robins before the sun is quite up.
    And "I hear their poems" - so like poetry!
    Super job! Very tweet...I mean sweet!!!

    1. I think spring is like a focus on animals-even you with the fish-livens up the out of doors with excitement. Animals are busy, and so are we, outside.

  2. I like chirping up the sun too :). We have lots of birds waking us up these days and they're always such a joy. Six cardinals yesterday!

    1. Oh, we don't have those lovely cardinals in Colorado. I miss their cheery calls.

  3. I love the sounds of birds in spring, in the early morning hours. One thrill of my spring break has been to linger in bed upon waking, and simply listen. They are so busy! I really liked the line "I must rise and greet the sky to do my own chirp chirping." Thank you!

  4. As I was reading this poem, I am hearing the little birds that sit in the tree outside my kitchen window and I made sure to raise the blinds so I could see the morning sky

  5. The first line, "It’s dark, and the birds are chirping up the sun."
    Those words had to have brought a smile to your face as they came to you, I know that's what they did for me. I love that image.

  6. What a blessing to hear those birds chirp so early in the morning - and the thought of them having a date with 'parenthood' makes it all the sweeter. :) There's a story there waiting to be told, methinks. :)

  7. I love the line, "the birds are chirping up the sun." This is a beautiful poem Linda. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh, yes, I like chirping up the sun, too. But poems in the lilac bush made me smile even wider. I must look for some!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks,Donna
      Everyone,after posting-my husband back in hospital. Today, not good!

  10. I am an early morning person. It makes me sad in the fall when the birds stop singing in the morning dark, and it makes me happy when I hear the first one singing the dark away in the spring.

    Sorry to hear about your husband. Holding you both in my thoughts and in my heart.

  11. Poems in the Lilac bush - what a lovely thought.
    Dear Linda...I am thinking of you and your husband, and sending good thoughts your way.

  12. Another vote for "chirping up the sun" - brilliant line. Thank you for sharing this poem and experience, Linda, and thoughts and prayers for you and your family right now. May the birds bring good news in the morning.

  13. I too like getting up early. I get so much accomplished in those first hours of the day. You are right, there's nothing quite like stepping outside in these early hours. I love this line, "I hear their poems in the lilac bush."

    I'm typing these comments in the dark of night. It's much quieter outside right now, but our house full of teenagers is another story!

  14. "I hear the poems in the lilac bush" is my favorite line. I have often wondered how to capture the beautiful song of morning birds. Your poem is delightfully beautiful.


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