Sunday, April 1, 2012

So Who Becomes the April Fool?

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         It's An April Fool Kind of Day

This first of April has fooled me today;

I cannot make the words come out to play.
I’ve wished to find a clever way to make
You all enjoy a belly laugh to take
away with you to start this fabulous ride
of poets every day at every side.
But I am empty of such phrases for April’s need
And guess I’ll play the fool today –

photo credit: Dave Hamster via photopin cc


  1. You fooled April to think you had no words.

  2. Love it. As always, you have found the words. Really like the line "I cannot make the words come out to play..." All writers will understand that one!

  3. You're no fool when it comes to words!

  4. Indeed? I fool? I think not...
    You got as many words to come out to play as you needed!
    BTW: Replied to you on my site - Mine was blue and white Schwinn also, named it Daisy...did you name your bike? I wouldn't be surprised if you did, nor be surprised if it was also a "Daisy"! Wouldn't that be something?!?

  5. Beautiful photo and three cheers to playing the fool! :)


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