Saturday, February 18, 2017

Goodness Each Day

       Celebrating with Ruth Ayres at Discover, Play, Build, and linking with others who share, too. I'm always grateful to Ruth for our weekly celebrations together.

"A Smile is contagious. Be a Carrier!"  anonymous

Ten Things

  1. Finding a new "bear" adventure by Ciara Gavin. Smiles all the way through.
  2. Playing Uno with Ingrid and Imogene.
  3. Phone visits with family.
  4. Valentine flowers.
  5. Finalizing summer plans for the beach.
  6. Bookstore conversations.
  7. A poem every day.
  8. Reading an older James Herriot book for sweet stories.
  9. Doing something every day to fight for the good that must stay in America.
  10. Examining my rocks collected with Ingrid.

Have a lovely long weekend!


  1. Plans for the beach?!?! Oh how I want time at the beach!! And playing Uno? Two of my favorites! What lovely celebrations!

  2. A new book, beach in the future, poems. stories, fighting for the good, family- so many treasures to celebrate.

  3. Each celebration on your list made me smile. For different reasons. Thank you for sharing your well lived life!

  4. What a great list to celebrate. YEAH for #5; the sea is calling me, too. #6 makes me want to skip online buying and go to a brick and mortar bookstore. Congratulations on #7.

  5. What a nice list of celebrations! I saw the beach picture on Facebook. It looks like a great place to go. Family vacations are the best!

  6. Love that fighting spirit nestled between James Herriot and rock treasures.

  7. Bookstore conversations sounds like a title of a book I'd love to read. I don't remember Mirjam playing Uno with grandma but these two played Guess Who and Memory quite often. Now, Mirjam 12 and my mom 72, play Doubble. Awesome to watch.

  8. James Herriot has always been a favourite of mine, ever since I was a little girl! His stories are filled with such compassion and joy, he was a man who so obviously loved both people and animals, and had such a wonderful way with words. I often return to his writing when I need something to pick me up.

  9. Love this list of celebrations! Uno with the girls, a new bear adventure (that I'll check out), and continuing the good fight every day. You always inspire me. I appreciate the shares on FB and know you're looking forward to family time at the beach.

  10. Linda, you were right. I do love the quote you shared: "A Smile is contagious. Be a Carrier!" I am going to carry that in my heart all day tomorrow. Thanks for letting peek into your celebratory week.

  11. Simple, yet beautiful celebrations. These are the things that make life sweet!

  12. I loved seeing James Herriot n your list, Linda - I remember so well those books, and the TV series. They were such joy to watch - always some essential lesson of kindness in each episode.


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