Friday, October 9, 2020

Poetry Friday - Out My Window

     Poetry Friday is hosted by Bridget Magee here at Wee Words for Wee Ones! She's offering smiles for us today along with a prompt and a poem about her favorite color, orange. And it's not political! Thanks for hosting, Bridget!  

These next weeks are going to be challenging, I imagine, for each of us. Best wishes in doing what you can to be kind to yourself and others. And VOTE!

I'm keeping my eyes on the important parts of life, out in nature this time of year is a blessing. Autumn is a falling inspiration! I found this in one of my notebooks and really do not know if I wrote it or I copied it from one of you! Nevertheless, I love its truth!

Out My Window  


windy days 

co-star with leaves –




music –



magical movies –




Linda Baie ©


  1. The leaves dancing in the wind -- that is a melancholy image, but I like that you transform it into a magical movie, Linda.

  2. So lovely. Despite all the yuckiness that's happening, autumn is still beautiful and nostalgic in its own way. Love the magical movie of dancing leaves. :)

  3. I love the swirls, whirls, and twirls of your poem, Linda. Focusing on nature is a great coping strategy as we brace for what is to come...heaven help us! :)

  4. Being out in nature IS a blessing, Linda, especially now. "Autumn is a falling inspiration" - for sure! I know I love it myself for the study in contrasts - color, light and dark, warmth of sun in a cool breeze - everything has sharper definition in fall. "Melancholy whirls, magical movies" - part of the allure, that, still finding the magical in the melancholy, as they both swirl and whirl so much, in autumn. Stirring, true words and images.

  5. This poem is like the zeno in that the one syllable lines rhyme. Love the metaphor of co-starring in a movie with the fall leaves.

  6. Thank you everyone. I am busy today helping a neighbor with packing. I'm sorry she is leaving the neighborhood, but glad to help her as I can. As I take time to grab a peek at everyone's posts and look out my window, more leaves are whirling in the slight breeze - poem truth!

  7. I do love the time of year when all my northern friends start posting about fall. <3

  8. Your poem reminds me that Autumn could be on the Hollywood stage with Fred Astaire with words like: co-star, dancing, swirls, music, magical movies, flirting. What a wonderful poem, Linda, and the colorful scenery is just a gorgeous background for an Autumn day. May I add this one to Abundant Autumn Gallery?

  9. Linda, this is my favorite season and your poem captures some of the things I love about it. I've been doing a lot of staring out my window too trying hard to shut out all the negativity right now. Thank you for your autumn inspiration!

  10. What a wonderful twirling, swirling poem of fall, and it helps us out too–I like the "co-star with leaves –" thank goodness for nature, thanks Linda!

  11. Linda, this post pairs perfectly with Carol V's. The autumn of dancing leaves. I am very nervous about the next few weeks. I'm trying to be confident that enough of us have cool heads and will prevail. But, the idea of the opposite just makes me shudder. Thank you for giving me some moments of dancing leaves. They are beautiful.

  12. Thanks to each of you, Ruth, Carol, Linda T, Michelle, & Linda M! I spent more time with my neighbor yesterday & as my car was in for a usual repair, had a lovely walk loving more fall colors. The trees are changing fast!

  13. What a beautiful ode to autumn, Linda. Fall is my favorite, and your poem is yet another gift of the season. Thank you!

  14. Thanks, Lix & Kimberly. It's another beautiful fall day here, lots of twirling leaves!

  15. Whirls and swirls and twirls! Lovely, Linda.

  16. The seasons are a never-ending source of beauty and inspiration. I love your poem, and the quote! Falling inspiration indeed. Enjoy the beauty, and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the wishes, Karen! Yesterday, with wind, my garden filled up with leaves "whirling" everywhere!

  17. Oooh, I could get lost in this swirling, fall-ish day! :)


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