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Poetry Friday - Heartbreak

  It's Poetry Friday, and Tabatha Yeasts is hosting HERE on her blog, The Opposite of Indifference. No matter what other wonderful words she posts, I know I'll love the quote at the top! Thanks for hosting, Tabatha!

created by Linda M.

        I thought I was writing to the prompt by the Poetry Sisters this last Friday in February, but alas, until I looked again, I thought they had said "love poems" and evidently did not read it all. They said "epistolary love poems". Yikes! Don't tell my former students that I didn't read "ALL" the instructions. I have no time to do more. Here is what I have this week.

        In my first year of teaching first grade, I had a call from a concerned parent. Remember, no internet, etc. Just a call to ask for a conference. I tried to imagine what the issue was. Her child was a great student and doing well. Well, what she was worried about is that her son had told her he was in love with me and was going to marry me when he grew up. She had to tell him that I was already married and he was so, so sad. It did all work out and we talked, had a lovely rest of the year. I'm sure he's grown up now with a wife and family. It was a wake-up call for me that I would be asked to help with all kinds of problems as a teacher, not just teaching reading and math.

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Johnny Loved Miss Jones, His Teacher


Johnny was smitten the first day of school.

Upset, he soon learned there was a rule

that six-year-olds needed to grow up first.

He really thought his heart would burst.

Miss Jones could never be his date.

Sad Johnny had to wait and wait.

Throughout his schooling, he kept in mind

this first heartbreak, and, now resigned,

he searched and found a new love true.

To all the memories, he said “adieu”.

This time, grown up, he found a match:

she taught first grade, a perfect catch.

Linda Baie ©

      I host next week's Poetry Friday. March is Denver's snowiest month, but also 

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  1. I love this poem and I'm glad you got the directions wrong. This is wonderful.

  2. Linda, I have a stack of love poems and one letter poem. When I hear the word love, I go into gear as you did. I love the backstory to your poem and how you unfolded its companion poem. "He really thought his heart would burst." What a line you wrote. It is true for young children who fall in love with their teacher like one of your students did with you.Your next line that resonates with me is "To all the memories, he said “adieu”. This line also fits with your story. I agree with Tricia that you poem is wonderful.

  3. Oh what fun, what a sweet kid, and poem to weave from it, and I love that "perfect catch" ending, thanks Linda! And… I'm wishing for smooth tidings in all areas for March…

  4. What a great ending, Linda, and a charming backstory!

  5. Thanks, everyone! It's a fun memory of my earliest teaching years.

  6. This is Patricia: Oh Linda! So darling! I had a Johnny in my house (who will marry his second true love this year 😉)

  7. So sweet and heartwarming! Your poem is wonderful, perfect ending too. It's not hard to imagine why any student would fall in love with you. :)

  8. Such a wonderful story! Kids do love their teachers. I had a male 5th grade teacher who I absolutely loved because he encouraged me in math and reading. I never forgot him. Your poem captures your experience so well!

  9. What an approachable teacher you were, Linda, that the parent felt comfortable explaining the situation to you. Glad Poem-Johnny found a perfect match!

  10. Such a fun poem and that ending is perfect! I'm glad you didn't read all the directions too!

  11. Aww. Poor Johnnie. I remember one of my fifth graders bringing his mother to accuse me, weeping, that I liked other boys more than I liked him. I ...was wholly caught off-guard, which is what love often does to young hearts. I'm sure both Johnnie and Clayton are well-recovered now, but I feel lucky to have been so loved once. ☺ -tanita.

    PS - I included this in the roundup because it still counts.

  12. It's great to read of others' experiences, too! Again, thanks to everyone! I've been out in this sunny day, now back to read more of your posts!

  13. What a sweet story and the followup poem is wonderful. I got a chuckle out of the last line.

  14. Your misreading delivered you to a beautiful place where a special memory resided. how good was that, Linda? The story and the resultant poem have now been immortalized. What a great outcome!

  15. Oh, so sweet! I love this. Sometimes, in the "work" of school I can forget the way a kid sees the world. Falling in love with a teacher at such a young age. What a fun problem to conference over. Nice poem.

  16. Such a sweet story! First graders are just awesome!

  17. I'm so glad Johnnie found his perfect partner at the end of your poem! Thanks for sharing this with us today.

  18. Now that's a charming poem--and what a joyful memory that sparked it! I can imagine you as the teacher that broke little boys' (and probably girls') hearts.

  19. Thanks so much to all! I've been working at the bookstore today. It's very warm and it seems that many, many needed books (for coming cold?). Whatever the reason, it was a good day to meet a lot of readers!

  20. This is so sweet, Linda <3 My heart is full of smiles, picturing this...

  21. What a story...and a perfect ending to your poem!

  22. I love your story about the student. I have a former student living in my neighborhood. He is married and has children, but your story and fun rhyme make me wonder how he feels about me now. He does wave sweetly when he passes by.

  23. Thanks, Laura & Mary Lee. Margaret, it is fun to see former students and in your neighborhood, wow! I am in touch with some of mine, already married & with children. One works for my son-in-law! I see him once in a while, see pics of his kids, etc. It is a delight! Thanks for telling me about this!

  24. *swoon* I'm not surprised your student fell in love with you, Linda.
    (I'm sure there were more.)
    I, too, love your poem, especially the ending. :)

    1. Thanks, Bridget! I imagine this story happens to others more than we imagine.


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