Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day Two - April Poetry -Books To Love


a seed waits

sun and rain tantalize
dandelion debut
Linda Baie © All Rights Reserved

     Since Donna asked below in the comments, I will add that this is my picture, the only color in the garden so far, one sweet dandelion!

SHARING POETRY RESOURCES:  First it was Poetry Tag Time, then P*Tag, and finally Poetry Gift Tag. I purchased them all for my IPad and proceeded to have lots of fun sharing poems with students and showing teacher colleagues about them.  Here is the web page for these e-books. In the past few years, Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong have compiled enticing and comprehensive resources for teachers.
      The first published book in print was The Poetry Friday Anthology K-5, then one for middle school. They are easy to use, have poems by numerous poets who still write today. The books are organized by grade level, and each page shares a poem and a how-to column called Take Five, five ways to use the poem with students. The final of the 'five' shares other titles that connect. 
         And just last month, this volume was published! It too will be a marvelous resource for teachers. Each of the anthologies shares an introductory explanation of the useful possibilities of using the collections. 

         This time, the poems are based on scientific concepts, easy to integrate into any topic being studied, or excellent examples of how to write poems from research of a topic. And all three are also available as e-books.

       Examples of some poem beginnings
           "Young and Old Together" by Margarita Engle
                          I love to help Grandpa in his garden,
                          planting tiny radish seeds...

         Margarita's poem is also given in Spanish.
            "Clouds" by Kate Coombs
                       I saw one little cloud
                       that looked like a wish...

            "Hawking Time" by James Carter
                        Stephen Hawking
                        hear my rhyme.
                        Tell me what
                         you think of time...
     There is extensive and helpful information in the back matter, like important science websites, a brief glossary of scientific terms, etc.  All the books are such wonderful resources. I imagine people could certainly share in department groups too!

          I was planning to share some of the exciting things happening in the kidlitosphere during poetry month, but Jama Rattigan has shared such a comprehensive list, I think I'll just send you to her wonderful blog post at Jama's Alphabet Soup here!
        Don't forget Irene Latham's Progressive Poem, each day a new line! 


  1. I love "dandelion debut"! Did you take that picture? We're still under snow here. Mud season is just starting. It will be a while before our dandelions debut here!
    Love the anthology with the "Take Five". Nice idea!

    1. Yes, my pic, & the only color in the yard, the single 'dear' dandelion! We have snow coming tomorrow! The anthologies are awesome, such huge resources! Thanks Donna!

  2. Me, too on the "dandelion debut", Linda! And thank you for the resources, too!

    1. You're welcome, Tara-all good, loads of materials.

  3. The peek of the dandelion, like here I come, wait and see. Hope spring comes soon. I have the middle school version of Poetry Friday Anthology, but haven't gotten the science version yet. Love the little bits you shared.

    1. We have snow in the forecast for tomorrow & it's getting colder again. I'd planned to get out some spring clothes, but must wait a little longer. Thanks, Margaret.

    2. Thank you, Margaret, for mentioning our middle school book--it was included in the just-announced list of the NCTE Poetry Notables (printed in this month's SLJ)!

  4. What a great pair of words: dandelion debut!

    1. Thanks Mary Lee, & now snow again. Will it survive?

  5. Linda,
    I have Poetry Tag, but haven't heard of the other titles. I'm going to check them out. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Terrific, Cathy. They're all worth using, depending on the age you're interested in.

    2. Thank you, Linda, for spreading the word about all of the books in The Poetry Friday Anthology series!


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