Sunday, April 27, 2014

New Photo Editing-Digilit Sunday

             Margaret Simon, of Reflections on The Teche, is trying to encourage people to link up for "Digilit Sunday" to share some things they're doing, or learning how to do, with technology. Thanks, Margaret! Myra Garces-Bacsal of Gathering Books suggested this new online photo editing tool in a comment. I've found it quite easy and fun to use. I've played with types of collages this time, but one can also create cards and use just one photo to edit, enhance with all kinds of different tools. Each time I did this, I discovered new ways to change the borders, new backgrounds, etc. Check out for new kinds of creating!


  1. Oh, what fun! I'll have to save some playtime today to try this out.

  2. Oh, how I wish it wasn't almost my bedtime, because I'd like to explore this a little more tonight. I'm afraid if I started now, I wouldn't go to bed. :) I'm going to put this on my list of things to check out this week. Thank you for sharing this Linda.

  3. Thanks Margaret and Julie. I hope you both find time to play with this. It was fun, and my next explore is to mess around with one pic. There were more things to do there, changing part of the background, etc.


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