Sunday, April 23, 2017

#NPM17 - Poem 23 of 30 - Tiny Shoes

         "Poetry is frosted fire." – J. Patrick Lewis

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                                               TINY THINGS.  

           Tiny Shoes

I have a pair of baby shoes
worn by Grandpa long ago.
His mother kept them tucked away
in the years she watched him grow,
remembering his baby steps
toddling first around a room,
then walking out, no, running
to life’s dreams about to bloom.
Now I keep her treasure safe,
remember bygone hours.
To me, he wore much bigger shoes
when we walked among the flowers.
Linda Baie © All Rights

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  1. Linda, such a sweet poem of the tiny shoes your husband filled and your remembrance of walking with him among the flowers. Love these lines:
    "Now I keep her treasure safe,
    remember bygone hours."
    Have a lovely day, my friend!

    1. Thank you, Ramona, but these are shoes of my own grandfather, not Arvie's. I hope you have a wonder of a day, too!

  2. What a precious keepsake! I love the speed up in the middle with "no, running to life's dreams. " It is so hard to imagine our grandparents as young adults, much less as toddlers.

    1. Thanks, and I agree, always the grandparents!

  3. Linda, I enjoyed this poem and a nostalgic look backwards. I have my tiny red shoes out as a decoration for the baby shower. I honor these words of yours and the memories they bring to your family: To me, he wore much bigger shoes
    when we walked among the flowers.

    1. Oh, love that you have your tiny red shoes, Carol. That baby shower is going to be very special.

  4. Aww these are such sweet shoes! And what a wonderful keepsake. Thank you for your poem, Linda. xo

    1. You're welcome, Irene. It is one of my special things from the past.

  5. How charming, Linda! Your poem, like those precious shoes, enjoys a sweet vintage feel. They deserve to be handed down together. :)

    1. Thanks, Michelle, and what a nice idea to put the poem with the shoes. I will!

  6. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet.
    Poets amaze me.

  7. Oh, Linda - how beautiful! (Glenna). How I wish that I had known him!

    1. Me, too, a special Grandpa! Thanks, wow, Glenna!


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