Sunday, April 30, 2017

#NPM17 - Poem 30 of 30 - Nature's Joke

          There is not a particle of life which does not bear poetry within it. ― Gustave Flaubert

   See all the poetic events this month in the sidebar.  
   It is exciting to see the Progressive Poem come to a close. It's been an adventure every day! See the final line from Laura Purdie Salas HERE!

My goal for Poetry Month: TINY THINGS.  

Here's a wordcloud of the thirty topics I responded to in poetry for this April. Some I had thought of early; some surprised. Because I also post with other different memes during the month, I tried to connect to the theme of those memes in my poems. For example, when I posted book reviews on one day, my poem was The Letter 'A'. I tried different forms, but really chose the form that seemed to fit the topic. It was a good month of writing.  

       Special thanks to all who commented and often shared a connection to the topics. I appreciate receiving the responses. 

       I created a haiga for this final post. You can find more about that as it connects to haiku here.

             I hope that you can see the difference in the picture, but the haiku, to me, shares that these two "things" are not the same. One is very good to eat; one was shaped by nature's forces like wind and water. 

So Far-Tiny Things

April 1 - Two Plates - Thanksgiving
April 2 - In Each Mind's Eye - baby elephant
April 3 - Discovered April First - miniature book
April 4 - A Promise - peach seed 
April 5 -  haiku - one music note
April 6 - My Tiny List - must-do list
April 7 - Tiny Lights - window lights at dusk
April 8 - Cherita - pencil stub
April 9 - Apple Blooms - blooms/apple tree
April 10 - Walk to The Sea - salt crystals
April 11 - Sonnet Show & Tell - tiny key
April 12 - The Letter 'I
April 13 - A Tiny Change - thermometer
April 14 - Birthday Candles
April 15 - Defined - dandelion
April 16 - One Minute 
April 17 - The Letter "A"
April 18 - Tiny Treasure - rock
April 19 - haiku - tiny actions
April 20 - rabbit
April 21 - lilac 
April 22 - chickadee
April 23 - tiny shoes
April 24 - bits of time - book love
April 25 - pussytoes 
April 26 - FACTS
April 27 - Spring Lion - dandelion
April 28 - One Tree 
April 29 - Friendship
April 30 - Nature's Joke


  1. So much to love in your tiny poem today. Nature's humor and your snow! Body and soul nourished - Sunday dinners and sabbath worship. Thanks for an introduction to a new form!

    1. And thank you for the nice words, Ramona. This month was a great exercise and challenge for me. I enjoyed finding new ways to look at 'tiny things'.

  2. I certainly feel well-nourished by all your poetry this month, Linda! So many tiny things add up to quiet a satisfying meal. Thank you. xo

    1. You're welcome, Michelle, and thanks for having a few 'snacks' through the month.

  3. I adore this one, Linda. They are twins...but not. Nourished by the joke! Happy last day. May tiny surprises continue to find you. x

    1. Thanks, Amy. I believe I've formed a habit of noticing those 'tiny things' this month.

  4. I love this visual & poetic comparison. :)

    1. Thank you. I found the rock a long time ago, and it sits on a shelf, our family joke.

  5. I was reading through your poems...
    You are an incredible writer.

    1. Thank you, Loralee, for reading and commenting.


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