Saturday, April 11, 2020

April Poetry Month - Day Eleven - A New Kind of Celebration

It's April. It's Poetry Month! 

         Remember to check out the list of what everyone is doing at Jama Rattigan's blog: Jama's Alphabet Soup.

          And check on the Water Poem Project where every day, a poet is sharing a prompt connected to water, hosted and created by Laura Shovan!

Plus! Check each day for the added line to the Progressive Poem, created by Irene Latham, now hosted by Margaret Simon! The link is above and the graphic to the right!
           A leap with the theme of CIRCLES for poetry month, poems & small sketches. I am looking forward to reading everyone's posts. I'm sure I will love each one, knowing they're done during a time we've not lived before. I am worried about so many, those close and those far, my community, too. 

April 1 - haiku
April 2 - cinquain
April 3 - a couplet
April 4 - limerick
April 5 - a kyrielle
April 6 - a skinny
April 7 - quatrain

April 8 - tanka
April 9 - a prose poem
April 10 - free verse

Best wishes for continuing good health to you all!


  1. Perfect! I do feel like setting off fireworks and honking my horn when I see the outpouring of care and generosity that those on the front lines (and support people at home) are giving day after day.

    1. I thought I had replied, but guess not! Thanks, Kay! Yes, there are so many that we need to thank for their tireless service. Happy Easter!

  2. "the new front lines," "silently we honk our horns." This captures so much, Linda, of the strange quiet of this ferocious time for medical personnel. Thank you!

    1. I worry about them all the time, Heidi, and all the others, too, working hard at groceries and other stores, then those without work. We all need to move together to help. Thanks, happy that you saw some lines that touched you.


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