Monday, April 27, 2020

Poetry Month - Day Twenty-Seven

It's April. It's Poetry Month!  


         Remember to check out the list of what everyone is doing at Jama Rattigan's blog: Jama's Alphabet Soup.

          And check on the Water Poem Project where every day, a poet is sharing a prompt connected to water, hosted and created by Laura Shovan!

Plus! Check each day for the added line to the Progressive Poem, created by Irene Latham, now hosted by Margaret Simon! The link is above and the graphic to the right!

         A leap with the theme of CIRCLES for poetry month, poems & small sketches. I am looking forward to reading everyone's posts. I'm sure I will love each one, knowing they're done during a time we've not lived before. I am worried about so many, those close and those far, my community, too. 

Best wishes for continuing good health to you all!

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April 26 - mixed-up rhyme

Those Little Things

Forgive me, Knobs, I have neglected
the need I have for you each day
to work the oven, door and car,
the volume of my radio,
when drying clothes,
to light the light,
or turning off that light
at night.
I’m grateful now that I remember
knobs that turn and snap and click
for making days
run double-quick.


  1. Knobs certainly do make our days "run double-quick" and deserve a poem of praise. How clever you were to think of this, Linda!

    1. Well, as Kay writes below, I have been cleaning more, including knobs that I touch! How interesting our lives have become. Thanks, Catherine!

  2. I love the focus on the ordinary things that make our days better. I've been paying more attention to knobs lately as I try to clean the ones in the kitchen and bathrooms a bit more often

    1. I hadn't replied yet to Catherine, but that's where I got the idea, Kay, because I'm cleaning them all more! Who would ever guess that we would pay so much attention to knobs! Laughing, but not really so funny. Thanks!


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