Monday, April 20, 2020

Poetry Month - Day Twenty - About Those Worries

It's April. It's Poetry Month!  


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         A leap with the theme of CIRCLES for poetry month, poems & small sketches. I am looking forward to reading everyone's posts. I'm sure I will love each one, knowing they're done during a time we've not lived before. I am worried about so many, those close and those far, my community, too. 

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Best wishes for continuing good health to you all!

    Hakuna Matata

It is not a revelation that
people have had need of help
to lighten worry.  
Others have survived tragedies,
experienced heartbreaking times.
Worry stone variations
originated in Ancient Greece, 
Tibet, Ireland, and 
Native American tribes.
People still tell
of small smooth stones
to soothe the anxiety,
aiding the day-to-day downs,
moving hours into ups
Pretend to take one,
carry it in your pocket,
and find some joy



  1. Thank you for this lovely gift this morning. I have carried those worry stones in my pocket. I also had a “worry bird”” - a hideous bird figure that was passed down from my mom to me and now my daughter. It is supposed to worry for us.

    1. You're welcome, Kay! I love hearing about your worry bird. There are also tiny worry dolls that I bought sometime in Mexico & brought back to my family. It is nice to think of those extras to help.

  2. Your smiling worry "stones" have put a smile on my face, Linda. I found a worry stone last week when I was cleaning out a bookcase. I will take your advice and put it in my pocket to "soothe the anxiety" and "find some joy."

    1. That's wonderful, Catherine. I think you did find that joy in your 'moss' poem! Thanks!


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