Saturday, April 25, 2020

Poetry Month - Day Twenty-Five - Loving Reliable

It's April. It's Poetry Month!  


         Remember to check out the list of what everyone is doing at Jama Rattigan's blog: Jama's Alphabet Soup.

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Plus! Check each day for the added line to the Progressive Poem, created by Irene Latham, now hosted by Margaret Simon! The link is above and the graphic to the right!

         A leap with the theme of CIRCLES for poetry month, poems & small sketches. I am looking forward to reading everyone's posts. I'm sure I will love each one, knowing they're done during a time we've not lived before. I am worried about so many, those close and those far, my community, too. 

April 1 - haiku
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April 13 - a nonet
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April 19 - couplets
April 20 - free verse
April 21 - a skinny
April 22 - a prose poem

April 23 - cherita
April 24 - free verse

Best wishes for continuing good health to you all!

Everyone Talks About the Weather, Also the Moon

The sun is thin,
clouds are flying,
coloring this day –
yes, all gray.
It knits its shades of muted color
into the lonely sounds of geese.
But after the sun set today
when wind pushed those clouds away,
I dreamt of the rising moon
in tune with the evening’s calm.
I’m glad it will carry on.


  1. It knits its shades of muted color
    into the lonely sounds of geese.

    I love these lines, Linda. It has been rainy here today, so we have seen muted shades of gray. Maybe the wind will push our clouds away a little later, too.

    1. I hope so for you, too, Leigh Anne. We now have mostly sun, & more coming. What a difference it is across the country. Thank you!

  2. Beautiful! It reminds me of the pictures you've shared from your walks--but with music.

    1. Thank you! Strange times make new things pop into my head. Yesterday I kept thinking of things that we could count on, & the moon was part of that.


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