Saturday, April 6, 2013

Poetry the Seeing

"Poetry is speaking Painting"   Plutarch        

       I went out to my old house yesterday.  I will be closing the sale for it soon, so I think this will be my final visit as the owner.  I mostly walked around the yard, taking note of flowers beginning to appear.  Spring blooms are definitely on their way.  One of my favorite flowers showing early year is a bed of violets.  They are so lovely and ephemeral, a joy for just a few weeks.   


mystify me
especially in spring.
How can this small white seed know
the secret of

I’m comforted to think
that it will never
a rose.
But is it comforting
for the
 (c)Linda Baie, all rights reserved

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photo credit: tlindenbaum via photopin cc


  1. Oh, getting inside a flower's head. Now there's a spring thing to do! And since I'd take violets over roses anyday, I'm going to believe that a violet would be happy to discover it's a violet and not a rose after all. :) Thanks for this, Linda! You're like a snake shedding its skin...

    1. Thank you Irene! I do love the violets, too, and guess you can see that from my poem. Spring flowers are lovely things to be!

  2. Linda-
    This is gorgeous. Writing so small and gentle, yet such big ideas. I especially love that first stanza, wow! Think I could take that first few lines,
    mystify me
    especially in spring…"
    and do a great writers' workshop about writing on the shoulders of other writers. I bet if you gave people those beautiful first few lines, they would write some amazing stuff.

    1. Wow, thanks Carol. I wonder if you've given me the next 'poetry lesson' for TWT on Tuesday. It's a good idea, & I would have never thought of it. Sometimes I guess we're too close to a work to really 'see' it. Have a great Sunday!

  3. Love this poem about violets, especially the phrase "secret of violets."

    I'm so impressed with all you've probably got going on that you can blog so frequently!

    I'll be sure to stop by often to catch up on your posts.

    1. Thank you, Keith. I was so glad to find your post (& blog) today. It will be helpful for weeks to come!

  4. Your violets are lovely! Your poem really captures the mystery of spring. From that seed that looks dead, growth happens in such a short time.
    I'm till waiting for our plants to start growing. I did see a robin though - spring is finally on its way!

    1. I saw that robin picture & forgot to remark upon it! Yes, our robins are back, and the redwings too. Thanks for coming by, Beverley!


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