Friday, April 19, 2013

Poetry Sounds

            “Eggshells become hard to break after walking on them for so long.”  Mia Castile

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     At Think Kid Think, Ed Dicaria shares a truth about poetry being about sound, and also, he shares his extreme annoyance at the reCAPTCHA requirement at the end of some blogs, if you are visiting someone online.  If you'd like to read the entire challenge and explanation, visit his blog HERE.   Ed shares that poetry is meant to be read aloud to listen for the sounds, the rhythm, without worrying about the words and meaning at first.  This is an interesting exercise.  I found a captcha, will share with Ed, but wanted to share, to see if you all would like this too.  Give it a whirl!

Telling the story!

avilabi, avilabi, renexif ah la do
weven tig, sa le ta lo,
enaiken rensamo
avilabi, avilabi,  en aberage cahto

FYI-the o's at the end take the long sound!  My CAPTCHA word is "avilabi)

photo credit: AquaOwl via photopin cc


  1. Oh, poor avilabi! Such a cute cahto. Never disobey your do! Always renexif!
    (You know trying to use these captchas is difficult with spell check more problem with a captcha!)

    1. Ha! You are so kind to comment. I knew since you have spoken so eloquently about the Captchas in the past that if anyone replied, you would, Donna. I had fun with it, & Ed is right, the sound led me. Thank you!


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