Saturday, April 20, 2013

Inspiration from Paintings

It's Poetry Month!   
"Poetry is thoughts that breathe and words that burn."  Thomas Gray

               A giveaway to note!  Visit the Teaching Authors website for a terrific giveaway.  

                Don't forget to look to the right to see whose turn it is to add a line to the Progressive Poem, the idea created by Irene Latham at Live Your Poem.  Then head over to see how it's going!

             This month, Laura Salas at Writing the World For Kids, is sharing poem videos of a favorite poem and then giving suggestions for further writing.  But most Thursdays, she has shown a photo and those who choose can write a 15-words-or-less poem to accompany that photo.  A long while ago, I wrote to a painting of the Aurora Borealis this way.  I couldn’t find the post, but wanted to acknowledge Laura’s work and inspiration every single week!  I found another painting of the aurora borealis.  Here is that painting and my response:

The artist brushed
with love, to show
the way
aurora borealis
in watercolor shimmers
© Linda Baie, 2013


  1. The painting is gorgeous and I love your response to it.
    You have shared so many great resources for poetry. This month I have been trying to have my class write more poetry and we are working towards creating a poetry book that will be published by eachchild. They are really enjoying it as well.
    Thurs. we celebrated put a poem in yourpocket - we had a marathon of writing and then sahred poems around the school. What fun.

    1. Your classroom sounds wonderful, Beverley. I worked with a class Fri. morning on using adjectives & we wrote a poem about worms, then each wrote. We'll see next week what they did with their own topics. Such fun to see young ones loving words, too!


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