Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One More Piece of Moon Love

 Poetry Month
         Our most recent snowfall hit the same time as the first weekend of spring and a full moon!  I couldn't help but write again about the moon, although Karla Kuskin tells us to "Write About A Radish".

Check out that moon.
It’s so-o-o big.
It’s like, like exciting
to see.
Moonlight over Denver
at twenty degrees—more than cool.
It’s winter bright,
Sleep-stealing is its goal.
I’ll put on the teapot,
and get ready to gaze.
              Linda Baie

"Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance."     Carl Sandburg

        To the right of this page lists the writers for Irene Latham's progressive poem during the month at Live Your Poem.You can read the lively and interesting poem that was created last year here.   

        Finally, you’d like to see more of the spectacular happenings occurring in April, check out Jama Rattigan’s blog, Jama’s Alphabet Soup.  I think she’ll be adding to the list as she finds out more, so keep checking in.

       And here are a few more wonderful poetry links at Tabatha Yeatts' blog,  The Opposite of Indifference.  


  1. Lovely, Linda -- "sleep-stealing is its goal"

    Your poem has a refreshing tone, a sprightly combination of wonder, capriciousness and timelessness. The moon's in charge of this one :). Love the Sandburg quote too.

    1. Thank you, Jama. I often feel the moon's in charge-good way to say it! Hope you are doing fine!

  2. Your poem is delightful, Linda! I love the excitement at the beginning and the rhythm throughout. Your last lines are my favorite. I always look forward to your poems! :-)

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I appreciate your comment!


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