Friday, April 26, 2013

Turning to Fairy Tales

"To be a poet is a condition, not a profession."  Robert Frost
Broadway Tower, Cotswolds, England 

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            Here is another poem inspired by Mary Lee Hahn at A Year of Readingand her wonderful April posts/poems.  Not only that, but she is giving some lessons in attribution from images from the Wikimedia Commons.  Please visit!  

                  A Plea

Will you come to my castle fair?
I am so awfully lonely there.
‘Tis sitting tall at the top of a hill
and surrounding land is bereft and still.
No forest primeval’s near this hold;
no witches or dragons to shiver you cold.
Just me in the upper turrets of stone
wanting, oh wanting to call you home.
©Linda Baie, 2013

Creative Commons photo by Newton2 (cropped by Yummifruitbat)


  1. Who would say yes, who would say no, to this lone castle's plea? Would you go?

    1. Um, Terje, I would go gladly! It does look lonely, doesn't it? Thank you!

  2. I still remember visiting some abandoned castles in Scotland 30 years ago. There is something about the bleakness of the setting that is both beautiful and tragic. I could imagine living in that time and in those places. How different life was then.
    I still love reading historical fiction of medieval times.
    Loved your poem as always. You have such a knack of capturing the moment.

    1. I've never been to the British Isles-maybe someday? But I have been to Germany & Austria & seen the castles there. They were awesome to see, but not appealing life to me. I think it's so wrapped up in our fairy tales. Thanks Beverley!


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