Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday-from another blogger

Poetry is a packsack of invisible keepsakes."  Carl Sandburg

       Mary Lee Hahn, at A Year of Reading, has been writing some gorgeous poetry this month, using media from the Creative Commons site and teaching about proper attribution at the same time.  It's been full of beautiful words written, along with learning and inspiration.  Please visit!

       My poem this time is a response to Mary Lee's post today, the moon!  With thanks to her for keeping me inspired.

moon dreams
from moon beams
my heart’s light
from this monthly flight

(c) Linda Baie, all rights reserved


  1. Thanks for sending me over to Mary Lee's, and then back here today, Linda! I'm a sucker for moon poetry. "moon dreams/from moon beams" - fun and lovely. (Do you know Lee Bennett Hopkin's collection, SKY MAGIC?)

    1. Robyn, no, I don't know Sky Magic. Thank you for that & I'm so glad you visited Mary Lee's site. It's been an amazing group of days this month. If you read my comment there, you know that I love moon poetry too. Much to love in all of it!

  2. So lovely, Linda. I have a special affinity with the moon too, as you know. I feel your youth and your vibrance in this whimsical poem. :)


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