Monday, April 17, 2023

April - Poetry Month - Day Seventeen - Quatrain


       Happy Poetry Month, where poems parade in the streets, run like rivers within our veins or settle in our hearts every.single,time. 
       I am using this older book pictured left that follows the alphabet with one kind of prompt each day. I used this book on occasion in the classroom years ago, but never worked through it day by day, with deliberation! Here goes!

The simple definition of a quatrain: "a piece of verse complete in four rhymed lines". Although I have read other places that say they do not have to rhyme.

I'm sharing an old poem shared before. I enjoyed writing it and the picture is my very own puffer fish shell, found long ago on an ocean trip.

If too hard to read:

Close Encounters - Advice?


And if you know a puffer fish

at times, they make a ball.

They float away from danger,

quite the smartest act of all.


No one can imagine hidden

in the amazing moon-like puff, 

is a prickle that more than tickles

and you’ll soon be feeling rough.


Don’t take a bite or lickle it.

It’ll stop your taste of any dish.

And you certainly cannot tickle it,

the pretty prickle puffer fish.

                         Linda Baie © 

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