Monday, April 3, 2023

April - Poetry Month - Day Three - Cinquain


       Happy Poetry Month, where poems parade in the streets, run like rivers within our veins or settle in our hearts every.single,time. 
       I am planning to use this older book pictured left that follows the alphabet with one kind of prompt each day. I used this book on occasion in the classroom years ago, but never worked through it day by day, with deliberation! Here goes!

Today I wrote thanks to Laura Purdie-Salas' challenge HERE. Must choose one of the topics & use the words she posts. It isn't an easy task, but fun finally to create something that made sense. 

       Today, for your information: 
The Rules of a Cinquain

These are the rules: Cinquains are five lines long. They have 2 syllables in the first line, 4 in the second, 6 in the third, 8 in the fourth line, and just 2 in the last line. Cinquains do not need to rhyme, but you can include rhymes if you want to.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! So far they are also fun to write!

  2. I love your NPM project, Linda! Have fun dancing through the alphabet! It's so nice to read something written from an opposing viewpoint to mine, too! I love "firm heart control."

    1. Thanks, Laura, this is fun, & not easy, to do. I love looking at yours & mine together, too!


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