Monday, April 10, 2023

April - Poetry Month - Day Ten - Jingle


      Happy Poetry Month, where poems parade in the streets, run like rivers within our veins or settle in our hearts every.single,time. 
       I am planning to use this older book pictured left that follows the alphabet with one kind of prompt each day. I used this book on occasion in the classroom years ago, but never worked through it day by day, with deliberation! Here goes!

      Day Ten is J is for Jingle, those brief ditties that are often commercials for items to buy, like the coca-cola commercial that starts "I'd like to buy the world a home/And furnish it with love. People who write them must be very talented. I found it quite a challenge!

Let’s Go!


Bookstores offer

gobs of books

so you can settle 

in a nook,

and take a trip

to anywhere,

have adventures

from your chair.

             Linda Baie ©

Free Stock photos by Vecteezy


  1. Now all you need is a catchy tune and an ad campaign and you're destined for greatness. How about Indie Bookstore Day? It's coming up soon!

    1. Ha ha! Thanks for the support! I'll need to talk with my brother, the musician!


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