Thursday, April 6, 2023

April - Poetry Month - Day Six - Free Verse


       Happy Poetry Month, where poems parade in the streets, run like rivers within our veins or settle in our hearts every.single,time. 
       I am planning to use this older book pictured left that follows the alphabet with one kind of prompt each day. I used this book on occasion in the classroom years ago, but never worked through it day by day, with deliberation! Here goes!

Today, again I wrote from Laura Purdie-Salas' challenge HERE. We must choose one of the topics & use any, but only, the words she posts. It isn't an easy task, but always fun finally to create something that, I hope, makes sense. 

It's Day Six - Free Verse
            There are few rules in Free Verse but poetic suggestions. Here's a link to read more!

       Thanks, Laura, for the inspiration!

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