Tuesday, April 25, 2023

April - Poetry Month - Day Twenty-five - YOU Voice


       Happy Poetry Month, where poems parade in the streets, run like rivers within our veins or settle in our hearts every.single,time. 
       I am using this older book pictured left that follows the alphabet with one kind of prompt each day. I used this book on occasion in the classroom years ago, but never worked through it day by day, with deliberation! Here goes!
       The "you" voice simply means writing in the second person point of view, speaking "to" someone, as in "You are a treasure of information." 

       No picture today. I imagine this for everyone!



Here you stretch

again up high

reaching, climbing

for the sky.


Deep down in your toes

can you feel,

what’s been accomplished

what is real?


You took the words

that told what to do

and sailed beyond them.

It's all true!


But also what

you did so much

was give each other

a gentle touch.


So you should allow

yourselves a pat

when someone inquires

if you’ve done that.


You can answer

with pride, with style,

sit back and bask

In this glow—quite a while.

                         Linda Baie ©




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