Friday, April 1, 2011

Almost A Million Words!

Slice of Life Reflection - April 1, 2011 Time for a little fooling around!

Sixty plus slices times thirty-one days in March equals 1860 posts, where we

Loved all the words, averaging 300 plus. That’s well over half a million words!

In a nutshell, every one a gem, waiting only for a comment to add to the sparkle,

Challenge met by writers often wise in their words, sometimes weary in their hearts, but always willing to share their thoughts with others.

Evidence of a close group, though newly born, now waiting for toddlerhood.

Thanks for the memories! And I'd also like to thank my slicing buddy, CS Petersen, at who helped keep me going. We're going to try to find more buddies at school to slice with us on Tuesdays!


  1. Linda - this was so much fun! Thank you for suggesting it. Yes, lets figure out how to encourage more Logan slicing. I like your fun acrostic - sparkling gems, wise words weary hearts and toddlers! Dogtrax did a wordle of all his posts and I tried it too - much fun. I think I need to ease up on my use of the word "just." :-)

  2. I think my favorite lines from this acrostic are "C" and "E". You so wonderfully captured the experience. "sometimes weary in their hearts, but always willing to share their thoughts with others." really resonated with me.

  3. Wonderful idea to use the word Slice! Wish I had thought of it myself! I also like the use of toddler. I'll be happy to see you on Tuesdays through your slicings. Look forward to it! Tahnks so much for your comments for me and my students. Happy Slicing! :)

  4. What a nice way to celebrate SOLSC. I loved how you talked about comments adding sparkle. It is always nice to see comments. Thank you for the comments/sparkle that you added to my slices throughout the month!

  5. That is a lot of words! I never really thought about that. I hope you get some teachers to join you. I want to do the same thing. I'm hoping a few at school will join me. Any suggestions?


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