Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Song for Peace

April 16, 2011 “A poem conveys not a message so much as the provenance of a message, an advent of sense.” Thomas Harrison
We are planning activities for Earth Day at school, and I thought about it, wondering if Earth Day could impact the turbulence in the world also. If one is living in a land of war, and trying to care for family and self, it is difficult to think about taking care of the earth, which also needs our care. It would be my wish that those in peril could soon be safe, living in a peaceful land.

If Only We Could

If we all just did a little part

That would simply fill my heart

And make the Earth good

If only we could

I’d make my peace with all the beasts

Make war and turbulence the least

Of all of our woes

So that’s how it goes

We’d run the governments for all

Tell leaders to send a wake-up call

That freedom’s our cry

To war we’ll say goodbye

Friendship will overcome the land

Everyone lends a helping hand

Happiness will reign

And make the Earth good

If only we could

And make the Earth good

If only we could


  1. I like the choice and repetition of the line "if only we could." It has such a cry of pathos in it to my ear and makes me think of one of the Peaceable Kingdom pictures from early America.

  2. Your "piece" touches my soul. So much pain. I have heard others talk that in time Mother Earth in her grief and anger at how she has been treated will bring great calamities upon the land. Hopefully the two leggeds will wakeup in time to prevent this. Your post speaks to that need. If each of us changed our behavior even in little ways. What a difference that would make.

  3. My wish too. I really cant imagine the world that others live in. How hard and difficult it would be. Whenever I feel low and depressed about my situation, I try to remember others have it much much worse. Then I look around and really appreciate what I have-material and non-material.


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