Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reading Crazy

April 7, 2011 Poetry is “imaginary gardens with real toads in them”.
Marianne Moore


Today I wanted to confess

that I have times of deep distress

deep down real unhappiness

when I have nothing to read.

I have gone to great extremes

often let out wild screams

to others I’m crazy (it often seems)

when I can’t find a book.

Just call me an unreformed bibliophile

My feelings of book-loving have never been mild

I’ve been known to read cereal boxes a while

When I can’t locate a book.

The changes that come over me

are wonderful for all to see

I think it’s terrific just to be

when I am reading a book.


  1. Great, great poem! I absolutely adore it. It speaks for so many us!

  2. Very, very nice poem!
    They should put better literature on cereal boxes! Can you imagine what that would be like! Stories on boxes of cereal! Why don't they do that?

  3. This would be so fun to post near the classroom library. It would be perfect to share as part of a lesson on picking just right books.


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