Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Poem Please Me - A triolet

April 13, 2011 “Poetry is the language in which man explores his own amazement.” Christopher Fry

This is one that kept needing work, but it was a good challenge to write, to keep the structure. Thanks to for the great poetry ideas!

Poems please me every time

They sing, at least I hope they sing

peculiar nuance of line.

Poems please me every time

and warble a bit in their refrain.

Though laboring at similes,

Poems please me every time.

The words, the words are just the thing.


  1. I'm so impressed with your poetry this month. I love that you keep trying new things.

  2. Ah, don't you love it when it's birthed. The labor is intense, but the time and pain is worth it!

  3. The repetition in this one... sings!

  4. I love all the different forms of poetry I'm learning by reading your blog! I've spent the last half hour finding them all over the web - perhaps I'll try one. I like this poem of yours that capturs the feeling of working on a poem!


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