Friday, April 29, 2011

My Gift Today

April 29, 2011
"I write poetry in order to live more fully." Judith Rodriguez

We drove over the dam by the nearby lake,

heading for an appointment, not hurrying, but

not dawdling either.

It was a ride with a great view.

The sun laid its diamonds on the lake;

one boat rocked along, a fisherman hoping

for dinner.

Of a sudden, into the distant view,

a line of birds came cartwheeling, gliding,


We saw flashes of black streaks on the white wings

as the birds moved like waves at football games.

We watched the creatures glide closer

to the water, then,

saw each separate and

streak into the water.

What are they, what glides in formations so sharp

that no one is out of rank?

What becomes only one so quickly,

drawn by the sharp eyeing of

a silvery flip?

The pelican, right here,

today, as a gift to us.

They’re down from the north, on the way south,

dipping and again weaving their feathery souls

into my heart,

calling back the beaches of my past,

when I first met these wonder birds.

My gift today.


  1. Very pretty, and wonderful to get a surprise gift like that sight. Love "the sun laid its diamonds on the lake".

  2. Great imagery here. Until we got our lake place, I didn't know pelicans could be so graceful. They really are beautiful creatures in their own way and you have done a wonderful job capturing them!

  3. I love your photo poem connections. What marvelous imagery.


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