Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring may be coming after all

April 6, 2011 “Poetry is a knapsack of invisible keepsakes.” Carl Sandburg

In an earlier post, I told of my collection of poems that said ‘goodbye’. I am so intrigued by the way that seeds and bulbs work that I also have a few favorite poems about seeds, flowers, and those closely related topics. One of those is “The Seed-Shop” by Muriel Stuart. In all of our yearnings for spring this year, I’ve again been pondering this miracle, that a tiny object is housing the entire directions for a crocus, an oak tree, a clematis vine, a stalk of wheat. Well, I imagine you know what I mean. My poem today addresses some of my thoughts concerning the life journey of plants.

Wondering About Violets


mystify me

especially in spring.

How can this small, white bulb know

the secrets of


I’m comforted to think

that it will never


a rose,

but is this comforting

for the violet?

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  1. LOVE it! I love the way your lines break and the way you placed "Beginnings" to the far right. I love the lines about the small white bulb knowing secrets. Very cool. :)


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