Sunday, April 3, 2011

Special visits - not always Grandkids!

April 4, 2011 “Poetry is what gets lost in translation.” Robert Frost

We don't have a pet anymore, have had lots of dogs and one cat through the years, but when we said goodbye to the last one, haven't found a new pet. So, sometimes, instead of being asked to have grandchildren for a visit, we have the great privilege of taking care of a grand-dog! This particular one is a cattle dog named George.

Doggie Business

Zipping up the length

of my blue jacket, I grab

the keys from the hallway

hook while trailing the leash

‘till the dog hears, comes running

to bite at the collar. I shout

‘let’s go’.

Rushing out the door, lock

- step down-wait, heel

again—now we go-down

the greenbelt, through the

grass, around the fence to

the park.

“Look, it’s empty—unsnap—

go—oh, hurry—run—rush—

embrace the air, leap the hill-



Good boy!


  1. I like "embrace the air". Isn't that just like a dog...or a kid for that matter.
    When I embrace the air, I wait for it to get to me instead of racing full tilt into it!

  2. The rhythm of your words is perfect here. It reminded me of similar steps I go through with my dogs. Getting their harnesses on is always a methodical, but rushed process. Your words translated the feel of that process perfectly! I like the way your words are mingled amongst the physical steps.

  3. My oldest son (10) read your poem out loud to us. He said, "I knew the dog was glad about going on a walk because of 'till the dog hears, comes running to bite at the collar. I shout "Let's go!''"

    I liked the lick at the end!

  4. Nice! This certainly captures the dog excitement!


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