Thursday, May 19, 2011

A How To Poem

May 19, 2011 

         My daughter is pregnant with her second child now-due in August, has a two year old, works a challenging full time job, and sounds tired lately.  She lives near, but mostly we talk on the phone in the evenings.  I have thought back to the taking care of children when I was a mom with the kids still here, and some of the care given when they were ill.  When our adult children are ill, or just tired, we can't do those things we used to do, at least very much.  I've written a poem that tried to capture one of those moments.

How To Comfort A Sick Daughter

        How to comfort
        a daughter out of sorts:
        Offer hug immediately,
        then bring the thermometer, and
        perhaps a cold cloth.
        Finally, ice water and saltines,
        the blue and white afghan
        and of course
        the cat.
        Close the blinds;
        begin the Mozart - quietly.
        Start boiling the water
        potato soup.
        Write a quick note that says      
        I love you,
        but in French.
        Give one more hug
        and leave the room.
        (She needs the rest!)


  1. My daughter is due in August, also. She does not live close by, so I cannot do much but talk on the phone when she is feeling poorly. As I read your poem, I imagined being able to help her out. it. Blue and white it. Saltines...check. Hugs...double check.
    The warmth, security and love came through so clearly.

  2. @Donna-the phone is a nice link, still better than e-mail I think. Exciting times for our daughters, yes? And for us, too!

  3. Even with my teens I still want to take care of them when they are sick. Oops, forgot one is no longer a teen. I almost picked up the phone and called in sick to work one day in order to take care of my daughter. She's 17. I stopped myself before I called. Old habits.


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